Jamie Schild

Founder & CEO

With training in operational excellence and a background in solid waste & wastewater, Jamie brings a broad range of skills and experience to A-Bay Engineers.

While a civil engineer by trade, Jamie’s operations experience started more than 25 years ago as a laborer for his family’s paving company. While on the front lines of the family business, he quickly became inspired by the how and why of systems and processes.

Beginning his career on the design side of engineering, Jamie saw a disconnect emerging: talented consultants and engineers building solutions in a vacuum without fully appreciating the individual needs of their clients.

In honing his own approach, Jamie focused on creating specific, tangible value that operators required versus lofty, but sometimes unrealistic goals driven by engineers and architects.

Over time, this mindset not only generated strong results, but results that

scaled with his clients; these ways of working were driven in partnership with long-tenured staff, leading to ownership, longevity and internalization of best practices instead of a feeling of “being told what to do.”

This idea of sustainability is not just an effective growth model, but a moral guiding principle: he lives sustainably day to day in his home in Morrison, CO with his girlfriend, two dogs and an ever-growing garden.

Karl Laufenberg


After a decade behind the trading desk at a boutique financial firm, Karl joined A-Bay Engineers, leading business development.

In his previous role serving as both trader and analyst for his clients, Karl would ingest raw data, translating it to insights that would influence future trading. Beyond his external consultations, he was tasked with creating and optimizing an internal operations workflow to increase efficiencies across the enterprise.

Through these broader responsibilities, Karl was able to hone new skills for consultation based on his foundation of account management and analysis.

While the work was comfortable, Karl began searching for something more entrepreneurial, as well as an opportunity that would better align with his personal values.

Still looking to work on an intimate team, Karl joined A-Bay Engineers, providing operational counsel for clients and cementing a partnership along the way.

Email: info@a-bay.co

Office: Morrison, CO

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